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Why choose Sketch for software development?

We aim to help you and/or your team evolve your ability to pivot faster, collaborate better, and deliver the highest quality customer value possible. We do this by uniting proven Agile concepts and Lean principles with modern business sensibilities, a pretty sharp sense of humor, compassion, and a heaping helping of coffee.

How it Works

My experience working with Sketch is overwhelmingly positive. These are the best developers I have worked with in my career in terms of productivity, communication, and adaptability.

| Product Owner

I have really enjoyed working with Sketch. They've made the development process enjoyable for us and our client. They consistently deliver and are trustworthy.

| Principal Consultant

Fresh insights, deep experience, and tenacity to solve problems are a refreshing breath of air in our environment. Not being shackled by the "way we've always done it" and the energy by which these activities have been performed has helped us see other ways of getting things done. We will be an improved group as a direct result of our engagement.

| Senior Director of Software Engineering

With never being involved with software or app development we did not know what to expect. Sketch and their team went out of there way to provide a great customer experience and over exceeded our expectations every step of the way.

| President

My experience was amazing. I felt like this was a true, collaborative, scrum team. I wouldn’t be the PO that I am now without Sketch. All Sketch team members involved excelled in their role. They made our processes and product better than they were the day before. They truly immerse themselves into your product, care and are dedicated.

| Product Owner


How it works

We aren’t just programmers. We are product-minded software creators who use Lean Startup methods and hypothesis-driven development to determine which features are worth exploring in the first place so we can partner with you to create software your users crave and your stakeholders applaud.



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