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Technical Teams & Leaders

Emphasizing “WHO” and “HOW” over “WHAT” and “WHEN”

Let’s Make Stuff Together

It’s Not About Trusting Us. It’s About You Trusting Each Other.

We help tech teams improve the way they work with project managers, ScrumMasters and product owners with the goal of making good things better.


Prioritize your greatest assets: Your people.

The heart of your organization is your people. Let’s get started today down a path that will empower them to discover workflows and toolsets to deliver better products and mind-blowing innovations. We work with teams to get everyone aligned, speaking the same language, and rebuilding your workflows and success models from the ground up.



Better teams lead to better outcomes

See what we did there?

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The one thing I really like about Sketch is that they have highly skilled individuals on their team. The individuals tend to be specialists in their area, thus complement each other.

| Senior Director of IT

I have really enjoyed working with Sketch. They've made the development process enjoyable for us and our client. They consistently deliver and are trustworthy.

| Principal Consultant

I have found the experience working with the team to be extremely smooth, with everyone working well off of one another. The team makes creating designs and solving problems for our client, simple with up front understanding of risks and trade offs along the way. Overall, great experience to date.

| Engineering Director

I very much enjoyed our time together. Our coach was great to work with and offered helpful suggestions for improvement in a very positive and friendly manner. Our developers were very productive, helped improve our processes and testing capabilities, and were very fun to work with.

| Scrum Master

Excellent exchanges with Sketch's consultants with a strong focus on delivering a solution that works and that we can further leverage internally under tight timelines. Pleasure to work with our developers, very open, transparent and efficient communication all around.

| Associate Director