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Consulting engagements with one thing in mind: Success.

Change Your Mindset

Capabilities drive outcomes. Outcomes determine success.

At Sketch, we are on a mission to elevate the way people work together to meet modern demands. We do this by delivering designed, time-managed coaching primarily oriented around lean, agile, DevOps, and product management domains. Let’s build a plan that offers the best chance at meaningful improvement for your organization.

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Software is never done.

Your team has to anticipate customer needs in a volatile market...but they need to do it in a way that is both smart and scalable. That doesn’t mean adding more and more people to the team. It means building cross functional teams that have the confidence in their direction, scope, and structure.



Our consulting drives you toward
our 7 targeted outcomes:

Faster Speed To Market With quicker feedback and a more appropriate process, we help you prioritize delivery of value over efficiency.
Quality of Solution Co-discovering processes that unearth quality solutions every single time.
Adaptability We show you how to make the most of the opportunities in front of you That includes leveraging knowledge from the lessons you just learned and constantly adapting to the marketplace.
Alignment When you want better results, you probably need a better foundation. Let’s get everyone working from the same playbook.
Predictability Foster the right habits and you get the actual ability to meet your objectives. Find the balance between setting reasonable expectations - and (here’s the real trick) achieving them.
Customer Satisfaction Imagine a world where you only build exactly what’s needed...and nothing more.
Happy Teams "Nothing good has ever been built by people who only want to clock out.” John Krewson, 2021

Our coaches were amazing to work with. They contributed by providing coaching lessons to better our transformation within our organization. They are not prescriptive in their teaching, rather giving us examples and outcomes of the decisions we make but ultimately, we have the decision to do what's best for us. Overall, they are joy to work with!

| Product Owner

Really appreciated this project with Sketch! Both our coaches approached a prickly situation with empathy and an open mind and it went a long way for us. We are already seeing positive changes on the squad and are better aligned for success.

| Product Owner

Overall it was good and I learned quite a bit personally. Our coach was very knowledgeable and provided great insight and suggestions on how to move forward in the various areas where improvement was needed and asked for.

| Scrum Master

I really appreciated that our coaches were very understanding of our team's hesitancy. I felt they listened to & validated our team members worries and then addressed their concerns. Both were very helpful in providing unbiased insight into the ways of working and helping us craft a unique process for our situation.

| Technical Project Manager

Sketch dug in early and asked a lot of good questions to understand our current organization. Each one seemed to be up to speed and didn't need a lot of catching up from us to get engaged quickly and provide value to all of us. It was a delight working with Sketch and I'm going to miss talking with them multiple times a week.

| SVP, Engineering

Free half-day assessment

If this sounds like it could work for you but you still aren’t sure, let us give you a free half day assessment. We’ll give a technical analysis of your code base, check out your practices and processes, and have a retrospective with you. Then we’ll send you a document that illustrates what you’re doing well, which improvements could have the greatest impact, and how we can make that happen together.

Reach out to us to get a free assessment on your calendar and get started on the path to feeling better at work.

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