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Agile isn’t a thing you do. It’s a mindset you adopt.

Whether you’ve never heard of agile or are a seasoned pro who is looking to work with a certified trainer, our trainings are a great place to start—and it’s not just us saying that.

Our trainers were AMAZING! Very knowledgeable, well informed, Well paced. One of the BEST trainings I've EVER received in my 15yrs here.

| Product Owner

Trainers were very knowledgeable and provided awesome feedback to everyone's questions and scenarios. This was an amazing bootcamp and helped me learn how to get my team more active and involved.

| Product Owner

The instructors were very knowledgeable, very engaging and were able to draw the attendees into not just a training session, but a conversation that allowed us fully participate in the training.

| Sr. Asset and Configuration Analyst

At the end of the training, even some of our most skeptical team members were more acceptant of the new concepts than anticipated. Overall, it was a win!

| Supervisor, Applications Development AECI

As far as trainings go, one of the better, more engaging ones I've ever been to!

| Scrum Master

Sketch offers many paths that all lead to success.



Class Offerings

Agile Fundamentals In this course, participants will gain an understanding of the latest Agile methods and practices, and how those practices adhere to the principles of the Manifesto. Learn More
Business Agility Foundations Anyone interested in the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today's innovative business climate will find Business Agility Foundations compelling Learn More
SAFe PO/PM Develop the skillsets needed to guide the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise by becoming a SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM). Learn More
Leading SAFe Leading SAFe® offers you an introduction to the foundations of SAFe, and provides the principles and practices to drive your Lean-Agile transformation with confidence. Learn More
SAFe For Teams SAFe for Teams will teach you all about your role on an Agile team and how your team works with others as part of an ART Learn More
DevOps Bootcamp The Sketch DevOps Bootcamp is for software developers and software operations professionals who want to learn modern practices for developing, testing, and releasing software in production. Learn More



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