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As a kid there were two shows I secretly tried to stay up past my bed time and watch during the week. One was Mama’s Family (Don’t judge me. Vicki Lawrence is  a queen.) and the other was David Letterman. When it came to Letterman my goal was to do my best and stay awake till he did his famous Late Show Top Ten List. Every day Dave and the writers would come up with a different top ten list and present it before the guest interview segment. The lists were fairly nonsensical like “ Top Ten Least Frightening Horror Films” or “ Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Said By Snoop Dogg.“I thought this would make for a fun blog series so I solicited ideas for lists from the Sketch team. When I asked for suggestions for lists I thought I’d get a bunch of funny ones like ”Top Ten Reasons You Think Your Scrum Master Is An Alien.” What I ended up getting back was a diverse list of topics, some funny, some insightful, that address things we probably don’t talk about enough. Hopefully these lists can be used to spark discussion for your teams and organizations. In short order our team generated 49 topics for top ten lists so we decided that for our first list we’d give our “Top Ten Top Ten Lists.” Here is a list of the first ten lists we’ll be doing in this series. Have suggestions for other top tens we should do? Post them in the comments and we’ll add them to the backlog. Without further ado…

From the home office in Ballwin, Missouri, here is this week’s Sketch Top Ten List!!!!

Top Ten Top Ten Lists:

10. Top Ten Ways To Write Bad Code

9. Top Ten Movie Quotes That Apply To Agile Transformations

8. Top Ten Worst Excuses On Why Your Transformation “Isn’t Working”

7. Top Ten Things Leaders Need To Know Before Undertaking An Agile Business Transformation

6. Top Ten Things Overheard In A Toxic Work Culture

5. Top Ten Ways To Maximize The Amount Of Work Not Done

4. Top Ten Best Scrum Team Names

3. Top Ten Misconceptions About Continuous Delivery

2. Top Ten Things That Are Killing Your Developer Productivity

1. 0-9 Reasons Why Programmers Think The Way They Do

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Matt House

Matt is a recovering developer that still gets excited when hears the "Ribbit" of someone starting up Toad. After spending some time in the world of project management, Matt was convinced there had to be a better way to develop software. Once he attended his first agile boot camp he discovered that flowers smelled...

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